Newly built or remodeled modest single family home with green lawn and driveway

Testimonial 1 

I met Miguel in 2006-07 through a mutual friend. I was curious about buying a house since most of my friends had recently bought homes and were telling me stop renting and buy. So I felt that I was being left behind and approached Miguel to buying my piece of the American dream. I was SHOCKED when Miguel told me “don’t buy”, house values will go down just be patient, it will soon be a buyers market. Which I thought was incredible since agents work towards home sales for their commission. So I just listened to his advice and continued to rent. Less then a year later There’s a real estate bust a financial crisis and my friends are losing their homes. Looking back Miguel was definitely a life saver and protected me from financial ruin. Three jobs later I came back home and bought my dream home.
Miguel’s integrity, honesty & professionalism is why I would recommend him above anyone else.
Thanks Miguel

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