Why Winter Is The Time To Buy A New Home In Los Angeles

Winter Is The Time To Buy

Typically and according to standard wisdom, spring and summer are the best seasons for real estate, especially for selling. But these are considered the “best” seasons for buyers for just a couple of reasons – the weather is better, and there is more inventory. There is, however, a lot more to consider when buying a house, such as when sellers are the most motivated and when you can get the best deal. It turns out, then, that winter just may be the best season for home buyers. So here are some reasons why we think winter is the time to buy a new home in Los Angeles.

Fewer Buyers to Compete With

Probably the top reason why winter is the time to buy a new home in Los Angeles is that there are far fewer buyers than at any other time of the year. And that means that sellers are more motivated, often desperate, to sell. You’ll also be bidding against only a handful of other buyers if any at all. What this shortage of buyers means is that you will likely get a better deal on the home you want. There may not be as many homes on the market, but negotiations will probably lean in your favor as the buyer.

Those Motivated Sellers

Now let’s concentrate on those motivated sellers during the winter. Because the season is slow for real estate with few buyers, sellers are more willing to negotiate. As a buyer, you stand a good chance of getting better terms with respect to sale price, closing costs, closing date, and concessions such as repairs to be made or appliances included. Some sellers are even desperate because their house has been on the market for months or they need to sell before the new year. And when the seller is desperate, that puts you, the buyer, in the driver’s seat. In fact, winter is such a poor time for sellers and such a great season for buyers that agents encourage sellers to delay listing till spring. (You can discover more about this by calling 562-881-9811.)

Opportunity to Experience the Home During Winter Weather

For the frugal and the environmentally conscious, winter is the time to buy a new home in Los Angeles because you get a chance to see exactly how the home holds up in harsh winter weather. You can find out how well the home is insulated, whether the windows and doors are sealed against drafts, and whether the furnace adequately heats the home. And if the roof is going to leak, it will be when it is covered with snow and ice that is melting on the underside. You couldn’t find these things out during the summer, so buying in winter could save you a lot of expense and headache.

Your Agent May Work Harder for You

Winter is not only the slow season for home sales, but it’s also the slow season for real estate agents. So every opportunity to make a commission counts for agents at this time of year. And this means that your agent may be willing to work harder and go the extra mile for you. Not that your agent won’t give you her best during the summer, but during the winter you will be able to get more of her attention and efforts.

Without a doubt, winter is the time to buy a new home – if you want a great deal, that is.

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