What To Expect From Your Buyers Agent In Los Angeles

A buyer’s agent, as the name plainly says, is a real estate agent who works, not for the seller, but only for the buyer (although it could be both seller and buyer in some cases). The job of a buyer’s agent, then, is to seek what is best for the buyer in every aspect and from every angle. If you want to use a buyer’s agent, you should first make sure she isn’t doing double duty with divided interests and isn’t merely interested in that commission contracted in the listing agreement. Beyond that, here’s what to expect from your buyers agent in Los Angeles.

The Right Fit

Above all, your buyers agent in Los Angeles should be a good fit for you. As in any relationship, there should be compatibility all around and alignment of goals. Because buying a house can often take several months, you need to make sure your buyer is someone you can work closely with for this long period. So be sure to check reviews and reputation, as well as the flavor of the agent’s social media presence. You should expect to be able to work with your agent smoothly and successfully.

Market and Niche Knowledge

Another thing you should definitely expect from your buyers agent in Los Angeles is demonstrated knowledge of your market and niche. Without such specialized knowledge, experience, and expertise, your agent may not be able to find the kind of home you want at the price you need. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a buyer’s agent who specializes in upscale luxury homes when you are in fact looking for a mid-range home. In addition, if your agent has knowledge of your market and area, she will be a more powerful negotiator and so better able to get you a good deal.

Industry Network and Connections

Another important expectation for your buyers agent is that she has a network and valuable connections within the industry. Remember that you will be dealing with a host of parties besides the seller during the lengthy process of buying a home. You will deal with, for example, appraisers, inspectors, the seller’s agent, and title officers.

So you should expect your buyers agent in Los Angeles to be able to hook you up with the best professional for every aspect of the transaction. A good agent will have the network and possess the connections to enable her to provide you with the best in professional options – real estate, legal, and financial professionals who are at or above your agent’s professional level of expertise.

Unlisted-Property Access

When it comes to finding potential homes, you should expect your buyers agent in Los Angeles to be able to do a lot more than you could on your own. And that usually means having access to unlisted and hard-to-find or obscure properties. After all, that’s one of the main reasons you’re paying the agent her commission.

Very often properties are not listed because a seller has a solid, longstanding relationship with a buyer’s agent, and so they simply forgo the tedious and burdensome process of listing and responding to the listing. Such a relationship allows your buyers agent direct access the seller and the property for sale, which often means a better deal for you. Without a buyer’s agent, you could be missing out on many potential homes and buying opportunities.

If you know what to expect from your buyers agent in Los Angeles and select accordingly, a buyer’s agent can be a genuine asset and ally. The services of a qualified real estate professional usually mean a better deal and a more efficient process.

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