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How Much Updating is Needed To Sell A House in Downey?

In answering the question “How much updating is needed to sell a house in Downey?” you do need to be careful whose advice you take. Misinformation can cost you a lot of time and money. The keys here are to stick to the basics and to address only those things that truly matter to potential buyers.

Basics First

First of all, you should tend to the unglamorous, basic repairs and updates. You will likely be tempted to start with updating the appliances and cabinets in the kitchen or remodeling the master bath. But these things won’t matter to buyers if the kitchen faucet leaks and the furnace don’t work properly. Besides, you’ll get the most bang for you updating buck at sale time on the basics.

So when trying to decide how much updating is needed to sell a house in [market-city], put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask what would matter most to you right off the bat. Faulty windows and roof problems certainly come to mind, but don’t forget the importance of basic landscaping and other exterior updates that add to curb appeal. These are the things, after all, that a buyer will see first, and they can yield a good return on the investment.

For example, while a new quality entry door may seem expensive at first, it can nevertheless yield a 101% return on the investment. And even something as seemingly mundane as a new garage door can result in an 88% return at sale time.

The Updates That Matter

Kitchens and Bathrooms – Many self-styled experts will tell you that you absolutely must thoroughly update (maybe even remodel) the kitchen and the bathrooms. Yes, that’s true to some extent. These updates may help your house sell quicker, but most of the time you won’t get a very large return on the investment when you do these just before selling.

Minor renovations and upgrades are a better idea. New countertops and/or a few new appliances may be all you need to entice a buyer and get a better price. One good strategy is to check out comparable listings in your area to determine exactly what upgrades are needed in order to be competitive.

Paint – Even if your house has been properly staged – with recently painted walls free of spots and holes – the wrong colors can damage your chances of selling when and at a price you want. Something as seemingly insignificant as the color of paint on the walls can be that important.

So when considering how much updating is needed to sell a house in Downey, don’t forget that painting can be one of the most important – and least expensive – updates. But you’ve got to use neutral colors. These neutral colors help buyers envision your house as their home, and they stand out well in online listing photos. Also, if you do the work yourself, you can paint a 2,000-square-foot house for only $300 to $500.

Lighting – Proper lighting can make even a tiny home appear open and inviting, and updating the lighting doesn’t cost much at all. You’ll definitely need to replace outdated fixtures, but the main goal is to achieve the best lighting effect. A qualified real estate professional can be a huge asset here.

So how much updating is needed to sell a house in Downey? Often, it’s less than you would think because it’s only the work that will net you a good return on time and money invested that matters. Still, you don’t want to take any chances by not performing an update you should have. And that’s where our real estate pros can give you some guidance.

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