Tips To Stretch Your Renovation Dollars In Los Angeles

Even if the home you’ve just bought is fairly new, there’s always still some work to be done to get it just the way you want it, from minor repairs to major renovations. Home renovation is a multi-billion-dollar industry in this country. But even though many other people are spending a small fortune for renovations, you don’t necessarily have to in order to realize your home-improvement dreams. Just keep in mind these tips to stretch your renovation dollars in Los Angeles.

Draw Up a Plan

Most people know what their renovation goals are, but they don’t have a roadmap for getting there. But if you have a detailed plan in place, you really can stretch your renovation dollars in Los Angeles. A detailed, step-by-step plan will allow you to know exactly what needs to be done at each stage of the renovations, and you’ll also be able to budget accordingly.

Get Several Quotes

For large renovation projects, you don’t want to accept the first estimate, and you don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest one either. If you really want to stretch your renovation dollars in Los Angeles, you will need to get multiple quotes that entail a detailed brief/proposal of exactly what work is to be performed and at what price. Otherwise, you really won’t know what you’re getting for those renovation dollars you’re trying to stretch.

Buy Second-Hand

Many towns of at least medium size have outlets where you can buy second-hand and repurposed building materials and supplies that are both affordable and serviceable. In addition, if you contact wealthy homeowners who are also doing some renovating, you may be able to pick up slightly used, but well-maintained appliances, fixtures, and materials at a fraction of the new cost. This may be the number-one way to stretch your renovation dollars in Los Angeles.

Do the Demolition Yourself

If you’re not afraid of elbow grease and sweat, doing the necessary demolition yourself is a sure-fire way to stretch your renovation dollars in Los Angeles. The demo part of the job – for instance, tearing off old shingles before getting a new roof or tearing out a wall to add on an additional bedroom – usually doesn’t require a lot of skill or experience. It just takes a willingness to bend your back and do the work. The demo portion usually makes up a substantial part of the total cost, so if you do it yourself, you could wind up saving a good amount of money. Just be sure to consult the professionals first so you don’t wind up doing something like compromising a load-bearing wall

Do the Smaller, Detailed Work Yourself

We’ve all seen new housing additions going up, and it’s often amazing how fast the major part of the construction goes – framing, roofing, hanging siding, and hanging and finishing drywall. It’s all the other smaller stuff – installing cabinets and fixtures, painting trim, cleaning up – that seems to take forever. And time is money, so all these small, time-consuming tasks add a lot to the total price.

But if you do some or many of them yourself, you can definitely stretch your renovation dollars in Los Angeles. About all it takes is knowing how to use a paintbrush and roller and a screwdriver. Besides, you can take pride in knowing you’ve done a good portion of the work yourself.

That new look that makes your new house into your own special home doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you keep in mind our tips to stretch your renovation dollars in Los Angeles. You can affordably turn that so-so house into a showpiece to enhance your quality of life and increase the home’s value.


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