Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction in Los Angeles

Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction in Los Angeles

Some people would never buy anything used, but others prefer what has been tested and is less expensive. When it comes to new construction vs. existing homes, though, the difference goes far beyond mere preference. New construction and existing homes both have their advantages and disadvantages. So if you’re still on the fence about this, here are the pros and cons of buying new construction in Los Angeles.

Pros of Buying New Construction in Los Angeles

The pros of buying new construction are undeniable, and here are the best ones:


When you buy new construction in Los Angeles, you are, obviously, buying a brand new home never lived in by anyone else before. You won’t have to make any repairs of upgrades or do any major cleaning or carpet shampooing.

But what’s really important here is that the major appliances, water heaters, and the HVAC system have had little use, are in great shape, and will likely last for years. You probably won’t have to worry about these things for a long time. But even if you do have problems with them, they’ll still be under warranty, and the replacement cost won’t come out of your pocket.


Also, if you make your purchase while the home is pre-construction or the very early stages of construction, you may have customization options. Often, at this stage, you can make customization choices regarding colors, appliances, flooring and more.

And this is a big plus, according to real estate pros. “Nobody knows your wants and needs better than you do, and having so much control over the details that fit your home to your taste and lifestyle is quite a luxury. Buying new construction means that you get to pick out everything from the color of your siding and trim to the placement of every single light bulb and outlet. Many of the things you get to customize are difficult – or at least very expensive – to put in after a home is constructed.”


New construction in {market_city] usually means a home that is far more energy-efficient than many existing homes. And the upshot of this is that you’ll spend a lot less on utility bills to heat and cool your home. Typically, new-construction homes come equipped with energy-efficient appliances, more and better insulation, double- or triple-pane windows, and efficient HVAC systems. “Your builder,” the experts say, “likely already includes some of these options, like energy-efficient windows, which can prevent the 25%-30% heat gain and loss attributed to less efficient windows,” as well as “dual-flush toilets, smart thermostats, and LED lighting.”


A final pro of new construction is that builders because they need to sell those new homes they have so much money tied up in, will often offer discounts. They may also throw in added bonuses and amenities to sweeten the deal. Some builders even offer mortgage financing, which can streamline the whole purchase process.

Cons of Buying New Construction in Los Angeles

Now let’s examine some of the cons of new construction in Los Angeles, such as:


It’s regrettable fact, but many builders cut corners and use inferior materials to increase their profits. And on top of that, some hire labor and use sub-contractors who do inferior but cheap work. So even with new construction, you should have the home professionally inspected so ensure everything is as it should be and performing properly.


If you buy new construction in Los Angeles, you will likely have fewer choices when it comes to location. “Developers frequently build a series of homes on open land. In other words, new suburban developments are typically a bit removed from city centers.”

A related con to be aware of is that you usually won’t be able to get a feel for the neighbors and the neighborhood. With new construction, many of the homes in a development are often still empty and unsold when you buy, and there a few neighbors to get to know at that point.


Another thing you have to look out for in new construction is that there is often a wide variance between builders with respect to skills, experience, and quality of work. You can’t just assume that because a builder is building new homes, she really knows what she’s doing because “the policies, skills, and options available vary among builders.” Those in the know recommend that you check a builder’s “reputation for both reliability and the quality of the homes produced. . . . When  choosing a builder for your new construction home, look beyond the pictures on their website and seek out more information to ensure you’re making the right choice.”


The price you see advertised for that shiny new car you’ve been lusting after isn’t really the price you’ll pay. Getting all the options you want and need will make the price of the car quite a bit higher. And the same thing happens with new construction in Los Angeles.

The price you first see for a new construction home is just a base price. Getting even minimal upgrades will be pretty expensive – and this is on top of the fact that a new construction home typically costs about 20% more than an existing home.


A final con of new construction, which can be a huge and costly headache in some instances, is the potential for unexpected and sometimes extended delays. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, so the completion of your new home may not happen when it’s supposed to. Long rainy spells or ice and snow can delay your move-in for weeks.

So, after reading these pros and cons, do you buy new construction in Los Angeles or an existing home? If you’re still having trouble determining which is best for you, let your qualified local real estate agent provide some expert guidance. Find out how our agents can help you make the right choice. Contact us today at 562-881-9811.

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