Our Relocation Checklist for People Moving to Los Angeles

Our Relocation Checklist For People Moving To Los Angeles

Moving is perhaps the most dreaded job anyone can think of. It’s overwhelming and a ton of work, and the simple fact of huge changes is utterly unwelcome. But as with any big task, moving can be made much less overwhelming and more manageable if tackled in an orderly, step-by-step fashion with a definite timeline. Here, then, is our relocation checklist for people moving to Los Angeles – broken down into two-week increments or steps.

8 Weeks Out

Any good relocation checklist will begin with important tasks and preparatory work at least eight weeks before the actual move. The things you need to accomplish at this stage include:


“Walk through every room and open every drawer; decide what to take to your new home and what to get rid of. Make a list of ‘keep’ items that will require special packing or extra insurance coverage.”


Get rid of all your belongings and items that didn’t make the “keep” list. You can donate items or, at this early stage, hold a yard sale.


“Research moving companies. Always ask for the mover’s U.S. Department of Transportation license number; whether the company is bonded; and whether the company is licensed for interstate moves, if you’re moving out of state. Request in-home estimates to receive the most accurate pricing.”


If you have children in school, you should let the school(s) know about your planned move and obtain copies of school records. Also, contact the new school(s) in Los Angeles to find out about enrollment and records transfer.

6 Weeks Out

At six weeks out from the move, momentum is beginning to build, so our relocation checklist now begins to move into actual moving-related tasks:


Buy or salvage plenty of packing boxes of various sizes, and make sure you have enough packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Color-coded markers are also a good idea to help you get everything in place when unpacking.


Be sure, at this early stage, to take care of any travel arrangements such as booking flights. And be sure to make arrangements for lodging if you’re making a long drive, or if you need somewhere to stay till you get all moved in.


“Obtain copies of medical records for all family members, or have the records sent to your new physicians. Haven’t found new ones yet? Ask your current doctors for recommendations.”


Get in touch with your insurance agents(s) to find out what to do about continuing coverage, including dental, medical, personal property, and auto insurance.

4 Weeks Out

Following our exhaustive relocation checklist, about four weeks ahead of the move, you’ll begin the actual packing, doing such things as:


Start packing all those items you don’t use very often or only during other seasons, but be sure to keep out whatever you use frequently. It’s also a good idea to take photos of valuables and then pack them separately for easy recovery.


Label every box such that you will know at a glance exactly where the contents go in your new Los Angeles home.


Make a thorough inventory listing the contents in each box so that you can compare this against the “moving company’s inventory sheet.”


The remaining tasks at this stage are as follows:

  • Make arrangements for pet travel and/or boarding.
  • Contact utility companies both for shut off and for turn on in Los Angeles.
  • If you’ll need storage in Los Angeles, line that up now.
  • Clear out freezers and pantries so that you won’t have to move a lot of food.
  • If you will be driving, have your car serviced.
  • Put in a change of address.
  • Alert all important parties and service providers about the move, for example, “your employer, banks, credit card companies, subscription services, friends and family.”

2 Weeks Out

At this point in the relocation checklist, momentum will pick up even more. You will see to more drastic moving measures, such as:


“Contact the moving company and double-check your plans. Make sure the insurance in place is enough to cover your valuables.”


Empty all storage devices and locations, including storage units and safe-deposit boxes.


Determine how many days you’ll need to complete your move, and then contact your employer to request that time off.

Moving Week

The final tasks in our relocation checklist will be performed right before the move during that final week. These tasks include:

  • Finish up all the packing.
  • Pack an overnight bag for all family members.
  • Get all vital prescriptions refilled.
  • Disconnect and clean all appliances.
  • Confirm everything with the movers again.
  • Get the keys to your new Los Angeles home.
  • Give away or donate any non-perishable food you have left.
  • Disassemble all the furniture you possibly can (making sure to secure parts to the furniture).
  • Get rid of all items that aren’t allowed to be moved, such as paint, gasoline, and chemicals.

And then prepare to enjoy this new adventure that you’ve just rendered manageable with our relocation checklist.

Still, if you’re moving to Los Angeles, you shouldn’t rely on this relocation checklist alone. Your local real estate agent in Los Angeles can be more help than you can imagine. Find out today how our experienced agents can assist you. Just send us a message or give us a call at 562-881-9811.

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