How To Showcase Your Neighborhood When Selling Your House in Los Angeles!

How To Showcase Your Neighborhood When Selling Your House in Los Angeles!

Today, selling a house is about much more than the house, especially where millennials are concerned. It also involves some savvy marketing to make your house stand out from the competition for sophisticated and discerning buyers. Although slowing, demand is still strong, and supply lags behind demand. In 2019, buyers look at much more than a home’s features. They are just as interested in the personality and character of the neighborhood. So you must know, then, how to showcase your neighborhood when selling your house in Los Angeles. And here’s what you can do.

Leverage Video

To sell your house quickly and at a good price today, you’ll have to do more in the way of marketing than sticking a for-sale sign in the front yard and placing an ad in the local paper. You absolutely must engage in some outside-the-box, digital marketing. And this means leveraging the power of video.

One top realtor asserts, “Agents who embrace technology have many tools to gain digital exposure for your home. Key qualities such as versatility and innovation are a must have for modern listing agents in today’s digital world.” (Discover more on this at 562-881-9811.) The same can be said for you as a seller in your efforts to showcase your neighborhood when selling your house in Los Angeles.

Digital and video are powerful marketing tools, especially when you put drone usage into the mix, “which is a tech feature used more and more by listing agents.” You have then at your disposal highly effective ways to showcase your neighborhood with drone videos and 3D videos of your home and neighborhood. These allow you to give buyers a real sense of the neighborhood in your listing.

Upgrade and Broaden Listing Photos

The National Association of Realtors has found that “99% of millennial homebuyers searched online websites when doing their home search. Having nice online photos is imperative.” With nearly all of these buyers searching online listing sites, you can use that to your advantage to showcase your neighborhood.

It starts, of course, with top-quality (professionally taken is recommended) photos of your house in Los Angeles. But then you can include quality photos of the neighborhood, showcasing the most attractive features and amenities. This way, those buyers for whom the neighborhood is as important as the home itself can take a photographic tour of the neighborhood without ever leaving their living room.

Write a Letter

This may seem to run counter the high-tech marketing we’ve just suggested, but it is nevertheless a good way to showcase your neighborhood when selling your house in Los Angeles. Real estate pros often recommend that buyers write a letter to sellers to create goodwill and maybe get a better deal. This can also work in the other direction just as well.

Heres what the pros say: “Another rarely used secret is to write a note to the people coming to view your property . . . In the letter, mention all the reasons you bought the house in the first place, like a family-friendly kitchen, great storage or good schools nearby.” A letter like this provides you a great opportunity to showcase the neighborhood by pointing out its most appealing attributes in a friendly and very personal way.

The experts have one caution, though. “It’s important to be sincere, however. Be sure not to make the note unrealistically positive.” This letter should create a connection, so avoid hard-ball sales tactics.

Use a Tech-Savvy Agent

Now we come back to digital-age techniques to showcase your neighborhood. Remember, 99% Millennials shop for homes online, and they also make up 66% of the first-time home buyer market, according to the National Association of Realtors statistics. But 44% of all home buyers (not just Millennials) “started their home search by looking online.” What this says is that you absolutely must use a tech-savvy real estate agent.

The agent you choose is a critical component of a successful sale and transaction, for she can either make or break the deal. Not only must your agent understand the standard things like the MLS and comps, but she should also be conversant with marketing with modern technology – if, that is, you want to effectively showcase your neighborhood for a faster sale.

Keep in mind, too, that your tech-savvy agent should also be a local agent. Local markets vary, sometimes widely. In addition, only a local agent will know your neighborhood in depth and so know how to showcase it to appeal to buyers looking to buy in that area. All those videos and listing photos won’t do you much good if your agent doesn’t know how to deploy them properly for the local market. Today, you have to showcase your neighborhood when selling your house in Los Angeles – and you have to do it the right way.

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