How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent as A Los Angeles Real Estate Investor

Once you’ve decided to partner up with a real estate agent to help your investing business, you now have the task of choosing the right real estate agent. But with so many possibilities, how do you choose the best one for your business? Here’s how to choose the right real estate agent as a Los Angeles investor.


First, you need to find a real estate agent who works in the same basic space that you work in. If you invest mostly in commercial properties such as office buildings and retail spaces, you want to find a real estate agent that largely lists these sorts of properties. If you’re looking for residential investment properties, partner with an agent who works with residential.

You want someone who is experienced in the same general portion of the real estate industry you’re in, and who has their finger on the pulse of new properties that may be coming up for sale. The best way to do that is to partner with an agent who works in the same space you do.


What a real estate agent’s clients say about them is a pretty good indicator of how they’ll be if you end up working with them.

Do their clients say they communicate regularly and keep them updated on the process? Do clients feel as if the agent did a great job marketing their home or presenting them with potential listings?

If possible, reach out to some of the agent’s clients who didn’t leave reviews and talk with them. Sometimes, the reviews you read online were solicited because the agent knew they’d be positive and they create a less-than-accurate picture of their work. Talking with someone who didn’t take the time to leave a review may be more realistic.


This is an absolute necessity in finding the right real estate agent to partner with as an investor, especially if you’re trying to break into a new area. Sure, a less experienced agent could be someone you would work well with, but part of the reason you’re paring up is likely to gain access to their knowledge of the properties for sale in your area and whether the prices are fair.

Look for someone who has worked as a real estate agent in your area for several years, and who has listed properties all across the area. Knowing one neighborhood is good, but if you’re really looking to find all the best investment opportunities and to partner with the right real estate agent, you want to find someone who has worked in as many parts of Los Angeles as possible.

Having someone who knows the local market very thoroughly can help you pull more accurate “comps” on properties you’re considering, they’ll better understand the trends in the local market, and they can more easily help you find properties that will meet your needs.


After you’ve done some initial research on a few potential partner agents, meet with your top two or three in person. If possible, watch them work with a client or attend an open house that they’re running.

Meeting with someone and talking about their experience, what they would bring to a partnership, and how they can help your business while you help theirs is the best way to find the right real estate agent for your Los Angeles investing venture.

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