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How Partnering With A Top Agent in Downey Can Improve Your Portfolio

Partnering With A Top Agent

If you’re a real state investor, then one of your top priorities is constantly improving your portfolio. But that can sometimes seem to be a pretty elusive goal involving tough purchasing decisions and diversification considerations. And there is always a volatile market to take into account. So a top agent can be a valuable asset and genuine partner. Here’show partnering with a top agent in Downey can improve your portfolio.


The first way of partnering with a top agent in Downey can improve your portfolio is simply the investing knowledge a good agent possesses. As an investor, you are always striving to increase your knowledge of the business, and a good agent can be a wealth of knowledge. In addition, tapping your agent partner is a good way to cut down the time and effort involved in the standard learning curve.

Sure, you could probably dig up all the needed information yourself online and in books and trade journals. But that would mean a ton of extra research and reading hours that could be invested instead in running your business. Partnering with a top agent in Downey will allow you to shortcut the process by leaning on and soaking up your agent’s hard-won knowledge.

Investment Tools

Running a successful business requires you to have all the necessary tools. Partnering with a top agent in Downey gives you access to real estate investment tools that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise – tools that may prove essential for improving your portfolio.

One of the important tools an agent can provide is an investment property calculator for vital analysis of investment potential and for choosing the best financing method for your desired results. Another valuable tool is a heat map for selecting the best real estate investments. Using a heat map, you can find locations with the best return on investment and avoid negative cash flow income properties.


Then there’s that point where the rubber really meets the road – the actual purchasing of investment properties. After acquiring the knowledge and using the tools,  you’ll need to make judicious, strategic purchasing decisions bolstered by partnering with a top agent in Downey.

The many purchasing options to be sorted through include:

  • The number of properties to be purchased (Experts recommend starting with only one or a few.)
  • Location (Nearby is usually better in the beginning, but out of state can work too.)
  • The current state of the market
  • Investment strategy fit
  • Kind of investment property {for example, rental or fix and flip)
  • ROI potential

The point is, without many years’ experience in real estate investing, all this can be difficult to work through, so for many investors partnering with a top agent in Downey is the best way to go.

For example, if your local market doesn’t offer many potentially profitable properties for purchase, you will have to look elsewhere. You may even have to search out-of-state properties. This, however, can be a huge undertaking when you’re already trying to run an investment business and manage a portfolio. Or suppose you need more diversification in your portfolio but have limited experience with other kinds of investment properties and markets. Your agent can provide the needed purchasing guidance here as well.

Partnering with a top agent in Downey to improve your portfolio is just a smart move. You can decrease your chances of losing money on poor investments or in the case of a market crash. It will help you keep that critical positive cash flow going.


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