How Homeowners Can Use Social Media To Sell Their Properties in Los Angeles

Today, social media can be effectively used for much more than sharing family news and recipes. It is now not only an important communication tool but also a powerful business and marketing tool. And that means that if you don’t use social media to market the home you’re trying to sell, you’re missing a lot of potential buyers. Whether you’re using an agent or selling your home on your own, social media will allow you to reach a much larger buying audience. So let’s consider the major social media channels to see how homeowners can use social media to sell their properties in Los Angeles.


Everyone is on Facebook, from tech-savvy Millennials (now the largest portion of home buyers) to older people who have arrived late to the digital world, so that’s one thing. Facebook also allows you to laser target ads to reach the right audience. That’s why over two-thirds of real estate agents use Facebook for marketing. Facebook is an effective way homeowners can use social media to sell their properties in Los Angeles as well.

Facebook gives you the ability to target posts and ads toward a specific demographic, for example, home buyers in their late thirties who make $60,000+ annually and live within a twenty-mile radius of Los Angeles. Facebook also offers top-notch analytics so you can see if your campaign is working or what went wrong if it didn’t. 


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, so it definitely provides a way for homeowners to use social media to sell their properties in Los Angeles by dint of sheer size. In addition, “86 percent of home shoppers say they would use video to learn more about a specific community they are interested in,” and “52 percent of marketing professionals claim that video content has the best return on investment.”

You can use YouTube to upload and disseminate video tours of your property and/or neighborhood. And today there are plenty of professional videography companies that can use drone footage of staged homes to make appealing videos that will draw buyers in. Just keep in mind that, every minute, 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, so yours has to stand out from the crowd.


You may not realize that homeowners can use social media to sell their properties in Los Angeles by leveraging Instagram, but it can be done. And the beauty of Instagram is that you can get instant feedback on the photos of your property and neighborhood. You can play around with different hashtags, photos, and captions and find out right away what’s working. 

Right now, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform with about 800 million monthly users. That’s some pretty impressive reach. But you can also engage potential buyers in a conversation by asking questions in photo caption – a great way to stand out from the crowd.


Unlike Facebook, Snapchat is short on analytics, but it does boast 178 million daily users, so it too contributes to how homeowners can use social media to sell their properties in Los Angeles. But keep in mind that Snapchat content has a short lifespan and the photos and videos you post soon disappear. So you need to capture attention right away and post often.

A good Snapchat strategy is to post brief day-in-the-life videos of the interior of your home, allowing potential buyers to experience what living in your home would be like. Post content the people will enjoy viewing or reading, and make sure it is contagiously enthusiastic. 

Use a Tech-Savvy Agent 

Sure, homeowners can use social media to sell their properties in Los Angeles, but they can do it much more effectively by partnering with a tech-savvy agent who is experienced in social media marketing. Traditional marketing still works, but today it takes more than that. Our agents understand social media marketing, and they are ready to help. 

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