6 Things Your Los Angeles Agent Is Not Responsible For

6 Things Your Los Angeles Agent Is Not Responsible For

Real estate agents handle a lot during a property transaction. While it seems like their responsibilities are all-encompassing, understand that they aren’t responsible for everything Whether you are a buyer or a seller, there are certain things some realtors do as a courtesy but don’t expect this from every realtor. Here are 6 things you Los Angeles agent is NOT responsible for. Plan your real estate transaction accordingly.

A Problem-Free Home

When you are buying a home, you want everything to go smoothly. The inspection period can be particularly stressful. Remember that your agent hasn’t crawled under the house to look for termites. He isn’t a contractor or a pest control expert.

An experienced realtor has been through enough inspections to know what to look for as warning signs. But he might not see everything. If something comes up during an inspection, this is normal and natural and shouldn’t be held against your realtor. It is why you have inspections – to get as much information as you can before you make a huge financial commitment.

Staging the Property

Realtors love staged properties because good staging helps sell a home and sell it for more money. But this isn’t a job duty of the realtor. She might recommend a stager or a home organizer to help declutter the home. The realtor doesn’t have to pay for this and you don’t need to do it but do consider it.

High-end realtors selling multi-million dollar homes in Los Angeles might bring the professional in and might include this in a package with photographs and marketing. This isn’t the norm. Plan on listening to the realtor’s suggestions and making a decision about where you want to spend your money.

Keeping Utilities On

You’ve moved out and into a new home already. The house keys are in the real estate agent’s hands and you are just looking forward to closing the deal. In order to show the property and conduct inspections, utilities need to be on. Otherwise, the inspectors can’t tell if everything is functioning properly or not.

Just because you aren’t in the home doesn’t mean you can shut the water and power off. Your realtor can’t complete the transaction if you do. This means all the way through the final walk-through.

Paying for Inspectors

If you are buying a home and going through the inspection period, plan on paying for inspections directly to the inspector. Real estate agents do not pay for inspections in Los Angeles. If you are not there for the inspection or forgot your wallet, some agent’s will front the money to the inspector and make a request to escrow for reimbursement.

While real estate agents recommend certain inspectors they work with frequently and trust, you are entitled to pick any inspector you want. You don’t need to use the real estate agent’s suggestions.

Valuables in Open Houses

It is becoming more common for open houses to be the stake-out point for home invasions and robbery. It an easy way to determine the location of windows and doors, if dogs and security systems exist in the home, and what type of valuables are present. Some bold thieves take the opportunity to grab jewelry or small electronics while a realtor is helping another open house visitor.

Your real estate agent in Los Angeles does everything to monitor people during open houses, but his job is to sell the house. If there is an influx of people, this means his marketing has been effective and he will be bouncing from guest to guest trying to gauge the most interested parties. That is his job.

Your job is to remove or lock valuables up. If you have a safe, move all jewelry, cash and personal documents to it. Don’t forget to lock it. With the ease of web cameras, it is a good idea to at least have one set up during open houses as people enter so you can get an idea of who came in and who left in a hurry.

Cleaning for Open Houses

A fun scene in American Beauty showed a struggling real estate agent, Annette Bening going to a listing, armed with a tray of cleaning supplies, going through the home from head to toe to make it shine. Did we say this was a movie? Yes, a fictional movie.

While it isn’t uncommon for a real estate agent to make a few touch-up wipes to counters or windows and light a scented candle, don’t expect it. This isn’t in the job description. Sellers need to prepare the home for an open house, meaning clutter should be removed, trash should be thrown out. Cleaning the floors and vacuuming the carpets are the owner’s responsibility.



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