5 Ways To Know You’re Getting A Good Deal On Your House in Los Angeles

Deal On Your House

It’s only natural. Everyone wants to get the best deal possible when buying a house. Usually this means a good (or at least fair) price along with a few concessions from the seller and the house having most of the desired features. But assuming those conditions have been met, how can you know you really are getting a good deal? Probably, the most important consideration after price is the house’s potential resale value as a measure of whether or not you are getting a good deal. In fact, when the resale value looks good, that usually means you won’t have to spend a bunch of money on updates and renovations. So here are 5 ways to know you’re getting a good deal on your house in Los Angeles.

1. All Systems in Good Shape

An important way to know you’re getting a good deal on your house in market_city] and that the resale value will be good is by assessing the house’s systems. Plumbing, wiring, foundation, HVAC system, windows, doors, roof – all these should be up to date, in good shape, and functioning optimally. If they are, you are probably getting a good deal on your house in Los Angeles. You won’t have to make any repairs or upgrades, and you will be able to sell at a good price (if you want to).

2. Neighborhood Amenities and Quiet Street

A good neighborhood with plenty of nearby amenities and a quiet street are more signs that you are getting a good deal on your house in Los Angeles. A walkable neighborhood with plenty of close restaurants, shops, parks, and schools – that’s what you should be looking for as part of a good deal. Without these amenities, the resale value won’t be as good, and a sale will take much longer because most buyers will want these things.

In addition, if the house is located on a quiet street, that’s another good sign. That is, you’re likely getting a good deal if the house is not on a busy street and is not surrounded by commercial properties. According to some top realtors, “Not that there aren’t buyers – possibly even you – who love living in the middle of the action. But before you buy the bungalow next to your favorite watering hole, consider that future buyer might not be so keen.”

3. Great Schools

Even if you don’t have school-aged children, the quality of the local schools still matters as a way to know you’re getting a good deal on your house in Los Angeles. In a neighborhood with great schools, houses tend to appreciate, which means a good deal for you. Realtor PatriciaVosburgh maintains, “Even if buyers personally don’t have children, for resale it is imperative that they buy in a great school zone.” You can check out school district reputations and school ratings at GreatSchools.org. Also, be sure to check where the house is situated with respect to the boundaries of the school district.

4. Family-Friendly Floor Plan

The floor plan can also be a good indicator of whether you are getting a good deal on your house in Los Angeles. Again, even if you don’t have children, a family-friendly floor plan is likely important to other buyers and can affect resale value. A floor plan that appeals to families will include three or four bedrooms on the same level, more than one bath, and an open kitchen. The number of bathrooms is particularly important to families with several children. Finally, the best floor plan is one that avoids the unique or quirky and sticks closer to the traditional style.

5. Good Lighting

It should be obvious to you that you’re not getting a good deal on your house if it was dark and gloomy owing to poor lighting. Noemi Bitterman, a New York City broker, says that a house “in any neighborhood that has good light will sell – and will always sell.” Good lighting, then, is critical for good resale value and a good deal. When you have good light in your home, it makes it an inviting living space you want to enter and spend time in, and while there, your mood will be lighter and brighter as well.

The Good Agent Way to Know

What we’ve listed above are certainly some good ways to know you’re getting a good deal on your house in Los Angeles. They are, however, not the only or even the best way. Perhaps the best way to know you’re getting a good deal is to lean on the knowledge and experience of your qualified local real estate agent. You can, of course, determine a lot on your own, but only your agent has the necessary tools to determine whether you are in fact getting a good deal. In addition, local markets have their own peculiar requirements.

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