5 Ways A Buyers Agent Will Save You Money in Los Angeles

Agent Will Save You Money

A buyer’s agent is a real estate agent who works solely for the buyer, not the seller, and does only what is best for the buyer. Buyer’s agents also work on a commission that is contracted in the listing agreement, often splitting it with the listing agent. Your buyer’s agent will search for, evaluate, and negotiate the purchase of a home on your behalf, doing whatever it takes to help you navigate through every step of the buying process. A good buyer’s agent can not only make it easier for you to find the home you want, but can also help you save money. Consider these 5 ways a buyer’s agent will save you money in Los Angeles.

1. Savings on the Search

Time is money, and that means your buyer’s agent will save you  money in Los Angeles on the home search. A good  agent will help you work through your home-buying needs and wants to refine search parameters and expedite the process. Then your agent will conduct the search for you, so you don’t have to expend time and money on it. This will involve researching likely homes for sale in the area, checking them against your specified criteria, and scheduling appointments for viewing that work with your schedule. A buyer’s agent does all this for you.

2. Valuable Niche Knowledge/Expertise

Also, a buyer’s agent will save you money in Los Angeles with her niche knowledge and expertise. For your agent will understand and be competent in the specific market and area that you are interested in. If you know exactly what you want, having narrowed your criteria and desired features, your agent can help you find exactly what you want and negotiate a better deal for you. Negotiating skills don’t necessarily transfer across all niches when the foundational knowledge is missing.

3. Broad Industry Connections

A buyer’s agent will have a network of industry connections to draw on when you need those many other professionals who play a part in a real estate transaction, such as the seller’s agent, inspectors, appraisers, and title officers. If you had to find them all on your own, you wouldn’t really know what you were getting and could easily wind up overpaying. So your buyer’s agent will save you money while connecting you with the necessary professional expertise.

4. Negotiating Skill

As we mentioned above, a buyer’s agent will save you money in Los Angeles with honed and tested negotiating skills. Once you’ve settled on a likely property, your agent can advise you on how much to offer. The the agent will draw up an offer to purchase and present it to the listing agent. If that offer is rejected, though, you have to go through the sometimes difficult process of making a counter offer. Your agent can guide you through the whole thing, making sure you don’t offer too much or give up too much on concessions.

5. Ability to Recommend Needed Professionals

Finally, a buyer’s agent will save you  money in Los Angeles because she won’t be operating under the same limitations and constraints as other agents. Unlike a seller’s agent, your buyer’s agent is allowed to recommend home inspectors, lenders, and real estate attorneys.Your buyer’s agent will know the best and most affordable in the business, so you you won’t have to risk hiring an unknown. A poorly conducted inspection, for example, could wind up costing you a lot of money further down the road in repairs of undetected problems.

Choose Wisely

Choosing an experienced, qualified buyer’s agent is an important step in buying the home you want at a price that fits. And, as we’ve shown, a buyer’s agent will save you money in Los Angeles. Wouldn’t you like to shorten the search, find your dream home, and save money? If so, give us a call today at 562-881-9811.

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