5 Signs You Have Found The Right House In Los Angeles

5 Signs You Have Found The Right House In Los Angeles


Finding the right house – the “perfect home” – usually involves a lot more than most of us realize. Many of the deciding factors we aren’t consciously aware of because they aren’t the result of rational analysis or analytical decisions. Typically, we respond to a house at an emotional level – we have a “gut” feeling – and then we use reason to justify the decision we’ve already made emotionally. That’s just the way it is: we like a home more on the basis of how it makes us feel than a careful analysis of how well it will serve us practically. So let’s skip over the number of beds and baths and get right to the stuff that really matters with these 5 signs you have found the right house in Los Angeles.

1. Memory and Measuring-Stick Value

One way to know you’ve found the right house in Los Angeles is when that house reminds of your previous homes and you use it as a measuring stick to evaluate other potential houses.

So if you find that the house has features that remind you of those in homes you lived in and loved before, it may be the right house. If, for example, the view out the window over the kitchen sink reminds you of the home you lived in when you first got married, maybe it’s the one.

Also, you may have found the right house when you use it to evaluate other houses you’re looking at. “Maybe,” as one top real estate site puts it, “you saw it early on, when you first started looking. Maybe you liked it, but you wanted to see what else was out there. But then you find yourself referring to it all the time. Other houses just aren’t as nice. The light isn’t as good. The layout doesn’t flow as well. That house, even if you saw it first, might actually be The One.”

2. Envisioning Yourself Living There

If you begin to imagine and envision yourself living in the house, then you may have found the right house in Los Angeles. It’s a telltale sign when you start imagining where you’ll place your furniture in the living room and the master bedroom and what it will be like to live in those spaces.

And then if you go beyond imagining to try to convince yourself to buy the house, that’s also a sign it may be the right house. This is especially the case when you try to elicit advice that confirms what you want to hear – that you should buy the house and your reasons for wanting to buy it are right.

3. Minor Don’t-Likes

Of course, there will some things about every house that you don’t like. But when you come across a house where you are pleased with all the major things and the things you don’t like are minor, it just could be the right one.”No house is perfect, but some imperfections are worse than others. There are some things that are really, really hard to change. You can’t change the location of a house. And sure, you can change the layout or the placement of the windows, but that’s so difficult you’re unlikely to do it. If the things you don’t like about the house are easily changed — like the carpet, the wall color, or even the smell — you might have yourself a winner.”

4. Checks the Important Boxes

Similarly, not every house is likely to have all the features you want. But when a house has all your must-have features – that is, checks all the important boxes on your list – it could very well be the right one. A house may not have all the amenities and features you want, but if it meets your most important and most basics ones, it’s a good bet. “Sudden urges to be flexible,” the real estate pros advise, “are a good sign that you’re in the right place.”

5. Furniture-Arrangement Planning

As we mentioned above, you may have found the right house in Los Angeles if you find yourself envisioning and daydreaming about living there. An even better sign is when you start carefully planning and imagining where you’ll place your furniture in each room.

You’re already hooked if you find yourself thinking that the living room window is a perfect spot to put a tree come Christmas. Or maybe you can already see yourself driving up the street, heading home after a hard day at work. There’s a neighbor across the street throwing a frisbee to a dog, and it occurs to you that they might be people you’d like to know.” If these things happen, it may be the right house.

If Your Agent Agrees

Keep in mind, though, that all these signs that you’ve found the right house in Los Angeles arent really objective, rational reasons to buy the house. You still need to make sure those are in place. And that’s where a local real estate agent can be a valuable asset. Find out how our experienced agents can help you make sure you’re making the right decision. Just contact us today at 562-881-9811!

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