5 Perks of Buying A New Los Angeles House In Private Community

Choosing to buy a new house in Los Angeles means you have a lot of options, such as a typical subdivision or even buying a house in a private community. Private communities have their own pros and cons, just as living in a traditional subdivision has its own pros and cons. If you’re considering buying a house in a private community in Los Angeles, here are 5 perks you can enjoy.


Private communities are also called “gated communities” because they are surrounded by walla with a big, access-controlled gate. Only residents of the community have the ability to come and go as they please, and any visitors must check in with an attendant or be given a code by a resident.

This means that people who buy a house in a private community may feel an increased sense of security than if they lived in non-gated neighborhoods. If safety and security are big on your list of must-haves when looking for a house in Los Angeles, then you may want to keep a private community in mind.


In a lot of cases, the people who live in a private community share very similar mindsets. They have ideas about how they want to live, who they want to live near, and they actively seek out places where they can be surrounded by those people and ideas. This includes wanting to live in an area where people care for their lawns, bring in their garbage cans, and don’t drive around playing loud music at all hours of the night.

Because many private communities have HOAs and other property regulations, when you buy a house in a private community, you’re less likely to see people forgetting to mow their lawns or leaving trash to blow around on the streets.

Additionally, many gated communities have shared spaces such as community rooms and pools, as well as regular planned meetings and parties, which allow neighbors to get to know one another.


In a gated community, people have to get in using a code or by being let in by a security guard. That means you won’t have solicitors or other people knocking on doors without someone in your neighborhood letting them in.

That bodes well for quiet morning coffee on your front porch, a slow after-dinner stroll, or a nice bonfire with all your neighbors without all the extra noise from a heavily trafficked neighborhood.


The overall cost of living is higher when you buy a house in a private community, especially due to HOA dues and other fees. But that increase balances out in overall property values.

That means that your house in a private community will retain its value better than other similar-sized houses in other neighborhoods, giving you a better chance at turning a profit. Also, gated communities are highly sought-after places to live, so your home may sell more quickly than it would in another neighborhood.


If you love things such as golfing, swimming, and tennis, buying a house in a private community may be right up your alley.

Many gated communities have golf courses, tennis courts, private lessons, and even organized tournaments, so you can take advantage of everything the community has to offer while getting fit.

Some newer gated communities also offer green living alternatives if you’re eco-conscious, including energy-efficient home designs, solar energy, and promotion of water conservation.

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