3 Tips for Moving With Your Pets In Los Angeles

moving with pets

Few things in life are as stressful as moving – not only for the people who have to endure the rigors and anxiety and uprooting of the move but for their pets as well. If you’re a pet owner, you know that most dogs and cats don’t tolerate change well. And moving hundreds of miles or even a few blocks to a new home is a mighty big change. So you will undoubtedly want to do whatever you can to make the move as easy on your pets as possible. That’s why we offer these 3 tips for moving with your pets in Los Angeles.

1. Prepare Your Pets and Plan the Trip

Getting your pets ready for the trip is easily one of the most important of the tips for moving with your pets in Los Angeles. For safe transport, your pets will need to be restrained in some way. Cats and smaller dogs will likely have to make the trip in a pet carrier or pet crate, and larger dogs will need to be on a harness and leash. It’s all for their own safety.

So you first need to get your pets comfortable with the crates before the move.  Just let them gradually adjust to the crate by leaving it open so they can freely enter and exit when they want to. Then, after they’ve acclimated somewhat, you can go on short drives around the neighborhood.

And don’t forget to plan the trip and the route so that you’ll be able to stop to give your pets potty breaks, time to eat and drink, and a little exercise. Be sure and figure in this extra travel time. You might even think about staying off the interstates so that it will be easier to pull over when necessary.

2. Be Flexible and Bring Supplies

As we mentioned, you’ll likely have to make several stops to attend to your pets’ needs. But you can’t always know when your dog needs to potty or your cat needs a drink, so you really can’t plan for these stops ahead of time. Just keep your frustration in check and be a little flexible.

Also, make sure to bring all the extra pet supplies you need. These would include food dish, no-spill water bowl, food and water, and toys. You should also probably bring some wipes and cleaner because many pets get car sick when riding for long periods. And larger dogs will probably require a car-seat restraint harness for their safety.

3. Ease Them Into the New Environment

The tips for moving with your pets in Los Angeles don’t end when you arrive at your new home. Settling them into your new home is the final part of the move. Keep in mind that the new home will be a totally new world for your pets – with new sights, sounds, and smells and lots of new areas to explore. But do take it slowly.

Let your pets get used to one room in the house before allowing them to roam at will. For example, after you’ve got your cat comfortable in one room, you can gradually move the litter box a few feet a day to its permanent location. Dogs can be taken on short walks around the neighborhood to allow them to explore with their noses and gradually get accustomed to the new area.

Moving can be pretty traumatic for both people and their pets, but, hopefully, these tips for moving with your pets in Los Angeles will help make things a little easier and smoother. Then everyone can settle into making a new life in a new home.

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